Published On: Tue, Aug 6th, 2019

Winds of Winter release date news: Truth behind THIS Game of Thrones book rumour | Books | Entertainment

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Elio and Linda of are known to be hugely knowledgable insiders on the Game of Thrones works, and have even worked alongside George RR Martin as he writes the A Song of Ice and Fire novels.

Last night they revealed that “Something’s coming” on August 21, and the wording of their tweet implied it could be big release news for The Winds of Winter.

Their account wrote: “Just after @Dublin2019 and right before @TitanConBelfast! Exciting! @NTCastleWard Something’s coming…

“Something carried on the winds…of winter? #watchthisspace #GameOfThrones #ASoIaF #Eurocon #Worldcon #GoTTerritory”

However, Elio Garcia has since taken to Reddit to clear things up – saying it’s absolutely not as it perhaps seems.

“I can say 100% it’s nothing to do with an announcement related to TWoW,” he wrote.

“I was surprised when I saw it posted so late at night (saw it around midnight and soon heading to bed) and shared it without thinking about the fact that the wording of their tweet was… unfortunate.”

Martin is keeping busy this summer outside of Winds of Winter, and in fact he’ll be in London later this week for a special fan event.

After the Game of Thrones TV show concluded in May, he wrote on his blog that he expects to have The Winds of Winter on shelves by next summer.

But in an interview last month, he explained why he feels less pressure now to get the novels out as quickly as possible.

“The most pressure I felt was a few years ago when I was desperately trying to stay ahead of the show,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“There was a point when the show was coming out in April and my editors said if I could finish the book by December they’d rush it out.

“And the pressure I felt that fall was the greatest pressure I’ve ever felt and then at a certain point it became apparent I’m not going to finish it by then.”

He added: “I don’t only want to finish it, I want to make it as good as I possibly can.

“Since then there’s been pressure but not like there was at that point. There’s no longer a race.

“The show is over. I’m writing the book. It will be done when it’s done.”

Once The Winds of Winter is out, he’ll have one more instalment – A Dream of Spring – to write before the literary saga is finally finished.

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