Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

Who is Mommy Divine, Sarah Geronimo’s mother?

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MOMMY DIVINE. Sarah Geronimo's mother is better known as Mommy Divine in the showbiz circle. Photo from Sarah Geronimo's Facebook page

MOMMY DIVINE. Sarah Geronimo’s mother is better known as Mommy Divine in the showbiz circle. Photo from Sarah Geronimo’s Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – Who is Mommy Divine? AshMatt fans and Popsters would know – she is, after all, the mother of Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo .

Mommy Divine is back on Popsters’ radars, after Matteo Guidicelli reportedly punched wife Sarah Geronimo’s bodyguard, because he allegedly told Mommy Divine about the couple’s “secret” civil wedding on Friday, February 21.

“Divine intervention,” is what many people are calling it – although it’s not exactly a flattering thing.

So who is Mommy Divine in pop star Sarah’s life?

She’s the ‘number one critic’ of Sarah’s performing career.

In an April 2018 live session with, Sarah revealed her mother’s role in her showbiz career as her ‘number one critic’ and supporter. When asked if Mommy Divine had a say in her performances, Sarah said yes.

“Siya yung No. 1 nagki-critique sa akin, nagre-remind sa akin na, ‘O, Sarah, alagaan mo yung career mo, yung boses mo. Yung mga supporters mo, huwag mo sila pababayaan. (She’s my number one critic. She always reminds me to take care of my career and voice, and to never leave my supporters behind),” she said.

Sarah said then that at 29 years old, she now has “more freedom” to choose which songs to perform in her concerts – which may make one wonder how much less “freedom” she had prior.

She is not ‘overprotective,’ just ‘devoted to her family.’

In an interview with YES! in February 2011, Mommy Divine said that she was aware of people’s criticism of her “overprotectiveness,” which she considers just “devotion to her family.”

However, she admitted that she did not think Sarah was ready to entertain suitors, who was 23 years old at that time and dating Rayver Cruz, Sarah’s “first heartbreak.”

Rayver revealed it was not a “normal relationship,” as they were only allowed to communicate via text, Skype, and through passing looks in the ABS-CBN building. In one year of dating, they were only by themselves twice – one for 30 seconds, and another for 30 minutes.

To Mommy Divine, Sarah didn’t have the right “relationship experience” her peers had, due to her daughter’s “naive, trusting” personality. Thus, she believed her daughter “needed her guidance.”

Sa nakikita ko sa kanya, hindi siya talaga puwedeng pabayaang mag-isa. ‘Yon ang nakikita ko kung bakit palagi ko siyang ginagabayan sa ngayon,” (To me, I can’t leave her alone, that’s why I watch over her right now), she said.

She said that the “right guy” will be God-sent; a man willing to wait for daughter.

“Ang lalaki, kung okay siya, willing siyang maghintay. Hindi niya sisirain ang buhay ng anak ko, hindi niya sisirain ang pangarap ng anak ko,” (If the guy is okay, he will be willing to wait. He won’t ruin my daughter’s life nor her dreams.)

In an August 2014 ABS-CBN report, Mommy Divine came to her own defense after accusations that she still continued to meddle with her 26-year-old daughter’s love life. Sarah was publicly dating Matteo then.

She said that she merely encouraged her daughter to continue praying for the right man, but it would still be Sarah’s decision that they would follow.

“Lagi lang naming sinasabi na sana ‘yung lalaking pipiliin niya ay ‘yung masasandalan niya hamabuhay. Hindi ‘yung puro emosyon na lang. Pakonswelo na lang ang pisikal, ang appearance,’” she added. (We always tell her that the man she chooses should be one she can count on forever. It shouldn’t just be emotions. The physical appearance is just a bonus.) –

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