Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2019

‘We can’t be discussing this every 2 weeks’ No Deal is STILL an option | UK | News

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George Ciamba, the Romanian European affairs minister, claimed EU leaders are growing tired of Theresa May’s ongoing Brexit plight and want to put the issue to bed. Speaking ahead of a meeting to prepare Brussels for tomorrow’s emergency summit, Mr Ciamba warned that Britain could still leave the bloc without a deal on Friday night. He told reporters: “All the time there is a chance of no deal, I think.”

In a warning to Mrs May ahead of the summit, he told the Prime Minister to be clear with how she will use another Article 50 extension to avoid a hard Brexit.

Mr Ciamba said: “I think it is critical the way it is going to be explained to the leaders and the level of understanding that we say we will not be in the same situation.

“Let’s not forget, we have been here in the same one, just a couple of weeks ago, and we can’t afford, frankly, to be here every two weeks discussing the same issue without a plan or something that is new.”

German Europe minister Michael Roth also issued a warning to London over its repeat attempts to delay Brexit, without successfully winning the support of MPs for the deal.

He said Brussels would “look very carefully” at the Prime Minister’s request this time, insisting no deal is still on the table for April 12.

Mr Roth said: “It’s Groundhog Day again. Unfortunately, I have to say that the condition that the European Council decided on in its last meeting have not been met.

“This means time will run out on April 12. Of course, the EU countries are willing to talk, there is also a letter by Prime Minister May.

“We will very carefully have to look at this letter. We are finally expecting substantial steps in the right direction. So far absolutely nothing has changed.”

Germany is ready to consider a “long delay”, but Mr Roth warned that Britain would be tired into a “very strict criteria”.

He concluded: “We are in a very frustrating situation and the EU has to finally take care of its future issues.

“We might also have to give the British side time to so they can finally be clear about what they actually want.”

France’s new Europe minister Amelie De Montchalin said: “We need to understand what the UK needs this extension for and what is the political surrounding around Theresa May to have this extension.

“Then comes the question of the conditions of what role does the UK want to play during this extension time, how does it want to decide and what type of decisions does it want to make.”

Mrs May will hold talks with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel today.

But EU leaders are keen to hear about the results from her cross-party effort to win the support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for her plan.

“I, and many others, have welcomed the new approach, which is the two main parties reaching out to each other trying to find a middle-ground position that can allow us all move forward in a way that is managed and controlled, so that we don’t face the chaos of a no-deal Brexit that I think everybody loses in terms of that being allowed to happen,” Simon Coveney, Ireland’s deputy prime minister, said.

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