Published On: Mon, Apr 1st, 2019

US Navy announces plans to rapidly expand military capabilities in stark warning | World | News

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Over the next 15 years the US Navy will increase its fleet of Destroyers in order to launch long-range attacks, fire interceptor missiles and engage in open water warfare.The plans outlined by Washington will increase its Naval vessels by more than 30 as well as eight additional combat aircrafts. By 2034 the Navy will deploy an additional 30 DDG 51 Destroyers, including 22 new high-tech DDG 51 Flight III warships, and eight state-of-the-art DDG 51 Flight IIA destroyers.

The US will make sure no region is off limits by increasing its underwater fleet with the creation 15 Littoral combat ship as well as 32 new attack submarines to deal with threats below sea level.

Currently the US has around 280 Navy ships but plans will increase that by more than 25 percent to 355.

Lieutenant Commander Kevin Chambers told US military website Warrior Maven: “Battle force inventory reaches 301 in 2020 and 355 in 2034.”

The technological advancement means the new ships will be able to detect enemy attacks at much further distances.

The weapons will be able to conduct long-range strikes with greater precision against the enemy from across oceans.

This will be made possible with improved laser weapons, new engines, improved electronics, fast-upgradeable software and a much more powerful radar.

Meanwhile the US cranked up tensions with Russia after Washington today stepped up plans to block Turkey from purchasing a military aircraft from Moscow.

The Pentagon has suspended Ankara from receiving a delivery of the F-35 fighter aircraft from the Kremlin’s missile defence system.

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Mike Andrews, a Defense Department spokesman, said in a statement: ”Pending an unequivocal Turkish decision to forgo delivery of the S-400, deliveries and activities associated with the stand-up of Turkey’s F-35 operational capability have been suspended.”

However Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has refused to back down from Ankara’s planned purchase of a Russian defence system, despite US concerns its would compromise the security of F-35 aircraft.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also insisted the deal is “valid” and will ignore threats from across the Atlantic.

Mr Cavusoglu also confirmed Turkey had no intention of selling the aircraft to another country.

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