Published On: Mon, Aug 12th, 2019

UK weather forecast: Tornados set to strike Britain as nation warned of freak storms | Weather | News

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The UK’s Tornado and Storm Research Organisation issued the alert at 1.50pm, and is valid until 7pm. The warning covers South East England, South East Central England, part of East Anglia and the Isle of Wight. Isolated, brief tornadoes and lightning strikes could batter these parts of the country.

Earlier today, the Met Office issued a yellow severe weather warning for thunderstorms between 10am and 7pm.

The warning covers large parts of South East England, including London, Portsmouth, Brighton and a small part of East Anglia.

The Met Office warned there is a “small chance” homes and businesses could be flooded quickly, with heavy rain, lightning strikes or hail causing damage to buildings.

Flooding and lightning could lead to cancellation of transport services, while spray and sudden flooding could inflict difficult driving conditions on travellers.

There is also a “slight chance” power cuts could occur, with services to some homes and businesses lost.


UK weather forecast: Tornados could batter much of the UK as the country braces for freak storms (Image: EXPRESS)

uk weather forecast heavy rain

UK weather forecast: The Met Office has warned of thunderstorms throughout this week (Image: MET OFFICE)

Looking to the week ahead, Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern warned of heavy rain and strong winds sweeping across the south of the country. 

He said: “It might be August but it is going to feel more like autumn at times.

“Once again it is a week in which we will see showers at times, followed by bouts of wet weather, followed by bouts of showers and it will always be on the cool side.

“The jet stream is currently to the south of the UK, allowing cool air in from the north.

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uk weather forecast tornado

UK weather forecast: Strong winds are continuing to sweep across the country (Image: WXCHARTS)

“That jet stream will cary in low pressure after low pressure over the next few days, bringing with them heavy rain and at times, strengthening winds.

“The start of Wednesday looks very unsettled for Wales and the south west of England, with strengthening winds and gales then developing across the English Channel coasts.”

Met Office meteorologist Clare Nasir also said: “Weather warnings are in force, not only today, but tonight as well and we are expecting some torrential rain with some thunderstorms in the South East.

“Through this evening, we continue to see a threat of those thunderstorms but they will ease.”

Torrential rain and gales could last until well into next weekend as the country braces itself for a five-day autumnal assault.

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uk weather forecast wind

UK weather forecast: Increasing winds will continue to sweep across the country later this week (Image: WXCHARTS)

uk weather forecast rain

UK weather forecast: Torrential rain will batter large parts of the country this week (Image: WXCHARTS)

The Met Office warned heavy showers will continue to batter southern, central and far northern regions throughout the start of this week, with temperatures plunging.

Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “It will be fairly unsettled on Monday and Tuesday although there will be some sunny spells around with scattered showers, and it will feel fresher compared to recently.

“On Wednesday we are keeping our eyes on an area of low pressure which will bring a spell of rain across much of England and Wales, there is some uncertainty over how far north this will reach.

“Some models are bringing an increasing risk of strong winds and heavy rain into the weekend, overall the likely outlook is for unsettled weather through the next week.

uk weather highest temps

UK weather forecast: Temperatures are significantly lower than record highs experienced for August (Image: EXPRESS)

“It is more like autumn than August.”

Mr Dewhurst said the jet stream driving the poor weather is unusual for this time of year.

He added: “The jet stream is quite far south for the time of year and it’s quite strong as it moves west to east driving low-pressure systems in.

“At this time of year we would expect the jet stream to be further north, which is why it feels more autumnal.

“Unfortunately there is no sign of the weather becoming settled between now and the weekend.”

uk weather forecast rain london

UK weather forecast: The UK has been hit by a barrage of rain in August so far (Image: PA)

Met Office meteorologist Sarah Kent warned coastal levels to be on high alert because of gale force winds, with the worsening weather continuing throughout the week.

She said: “Another low-pressure system moves close to the UK on Wednesday and it looks like it will bring strengthening winds and a risk of coastal gales.

“Everywhere will see some rain during Wednesday and with north-west Scotland being quite close to the centre of the low it will be wet and windy across the region.

“Unsettled weather will continue into Thursday with further rain and the potential for further strong winds.”

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