Published On: Thu, Jun 27th, 2019

Tory leadership latest: Boris Johnson pledges ‘tough’ Australian-style immigration system | Politics | News

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The Tory leadership frontrunner’s plans would see Britain’s system focusing on highly skilled young workers. This would mean migrants would have to already have a firm job offer before coming to the UK, as well as “an ability to speak English”. They would also be unable to claim benefits until completing a period of working.

Mr Johnson said: “We must be much more open to high-skilled immigration such as scientists.

“But we must also assure the public that, as we leave the EU, we have control over the number of unskilled immigrants coming into the country.

“We must be tougher on those who abuse our hospitality.

“Other countries such as Australia have great systems and we should learn from them.”

The new immigration system would be based on the scheme used in Australia, where prospective migrants are scored on a points system to work out how they will add value to the economy.

This includes qualifications, skills and age and applicants have to be aged under 50 to apply.

EU migrants would not receive special treatment. But Mr Johnson said EU citizens already here would have their rights protected unilaterally, even if Britain leaves the EU without a deal.

Sources in the former Foreign Secretary’s campaign team told the Daily Mail last night legislation would be introduced immediately through changes to the existing Immigration Bill, although the new system will not be brought in until 2021.

9.10am update: Japan warns Tory candidates over no-deal Brexit

Japan has publicly cautioned the two candidates batling to replace Theresa May that Japanese investment could leave the country if there is a no-deal Brexit.

Japan, one of the biggest investors in the British economy, is very concerned about a disorderly Brexit that would have a very negative impact on Japanese firms in Britain, Foreign Minister Taro Kono told the BBC.

“Please, no no-deal Brexit,” Kono said in English. “Some companies are already starting to move their operations to other places in Europe.”

Asked whether investment could leave Britain, Mr Kono said: “It could be that there is going to be less investment.”

Britain is due to leave the EU on Oct. 31 and both leadership contenders Mr Johnson and Mr Hunt have they are prepared to take Britain out of the bloc without a deal, although it is not their preferred option.

8.50am update: Jeremy Hunt takes aim at Boris as he warns Tory leader rival can’t be trusted on Brexit

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Express, the Tory leadership contender insisted he was impatient to get the UK out of the EU as soon as possible “to start the next chapter of our exciting history”.

He set out his vision of an “energised” Britain standing “on it’s own two feet” in the world with a fast-growing, entrepreneurial economy.

And in a jibe at his rival’s “do-or-die” Brexit pledge, he said: “You’ve got to be careful only to promise what you can deliver.”

8.30am update: Jeremy Hunt sparks fury as he brands Leave voters ‘Little Englanders’

The Foreign Secretary said he wanted to deliver a Brexit for everyone, not just the 52 per cent who backed Brexit.

In a Twitter Q&A on Tuesday night he said: “Deliver a Brexit that works for the 48 per cent not just the 52 per cent – a positive open and internationalist Brexit. Great Britain, not Little England.”

But many social media users were not happy with his comments.

One Brexit supporter Ben Bradley called him “Theresa in Trousers”.

He said: “There is no such thing as a Brexit that works for people who do not want Brexit.”

Labour Leaver Kate Hoey slapped down Mr Hunt over his “snide” comment.

But Mr Hunt responded this was “literally the opposite of what I said”.

He explained: “Brexit is not and never will turn us into Little England and I’d never suggest that’s what Brexiteers want.

“But it must be right to address the fears of some remain voters on this, which I will do in order to heal Brexit divisions.”

8.11am update: ‘The final showdown’ debate date between Johnson and Hunt is revealed 

The final two Tory leadership candidates Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will go head-to-head in a debate on July 15 at 7pm.

The event will be hosted by the Sun and broadcast on their social media channels, as well as live on talkRADIO.

The Sun has already called the event “the Final Showdown” and questions will be posed by an audience of 100, with the whole thing moderated by Sun Political Editor Tom Newton Dunn.

This will also take place one week before Conservative members’ final votes in the race are cast

7.32am update: MPs ready to join forces to block Johnson’s no deal plans

Some MPs are said to be planning to threaten to shut down the government if Boris Johnson tries to take the UK out of the EU with no deal in October.

The latest cross-party move will mean the Commons will vote on a plan next Tuesday to stop government spending if there is a no-deal Brexit.

This would mean the government would not be able to pay for many aspects of public spending, such as schools, welfare benefits and international aid, the Times has reported.

This plan is being backed by Dominic Grieve, the former Tory attorney-general, along with Margaret Beckett, the former Labour foreign secretary.

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