Published On: Fri, Mar 29th, 2019

Texas 7 execution: Patrick Murphy wins reprieve from execution | World | News

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Patrick Murphy was due to be killed in Texas this morning for his involvement in the killing of Aubrey Hawkins. The 57-year-old and six others had fled prison but were caught robbing a shop. When approached by Mr Hawkins, the gang gunned him down.


The US Supreme Court blocked the lethal injection after Murphy’s lawyers argued that a Buddhist priest was not allowed to be with Murphy in the death chamber as he was given the lethal injection.

The decision was ruled by Justice Brett Kavanaugh who said inmates of other religious denominations who want a religious adviser to be present are allowed to have one present in the viewing room only.

Mr Kavanaugh said that, in his view, the Constitution prohibits such denominational discrimination.

Speaking before he was to be executed, Murphy admitted his guilt before claiming the reason he was being given the lethal injection was due to “vengeance”.

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Speaking to CBS, he said: “I didn’t even realise shots had been fired for probably 10 or 15 minutes.

“I’m sorry. I regret what occurred.”

He added: “I’m not really afraid of death.

“I’ve accepted that I’m really at peace with it.

“Do I want to die? Not necessarily, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my life the way I am right not.”

Murphy is serving a 50-year sentenced for aggravated sexual assault when he and six other inmates broke out of maximum security in Kenedy, Texas.

So far four of the escaped inmates have been executed, one other remains on death row.

He is the third inmate to be put to his death in Texas, and the fourth in the US this year.

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