Published On: Sat, Oct 24th, 2020

Tesco UK increases price of plastic bags for life in all UK stores leaving some furious

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Supermarket chains including Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons all charge customers for plastic bags. Tesco has now doubled the price of bags purchased in stores.

These are designed to be reused by customers and have been offered in stores for 10p.

The retailer has now doubled the cost of these bags to 20p.

Tesco said it has done this to help cut back on unnecessary plastic.

The change will also encourage shoppers to reuse the bags they already have.


A Tesco statement said: “We increased the price of our bag for life to 20p to further incentivise customers to bring a bag with them when they come shopping.”

While the change will aim to cut back on the use of plastic, some shoppers are not happy with the changes.

Those who shop in Tesco have used social media to share their frustrations with the increase.

One shopper posted on Twitter: “Since when has Tesco’s bag for life been 20p, that’s ridiculous.”

Reusable plastic bags are sold in Sainsbury’s for either five pence or 10p depending on the bag.

Morrisons is reportedly planning on replacing all plastic bags.

Instead of picking up a bag for life, those who visit stores could purchase reusable paper ones instead.

These would cost 30p and help cut back on the use of plastic even more.

The supermarket chain has introduced many new rules over the last few months. 

These have often been put into place in line with the government coronavirus restrictions. 

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