Published On: Tue, Aug 6th, 2019

Star Wars 9: ‘Kylo Ren NOT alone in bed’ when Luke tried to kill him – Was SPOILER there? | Films | Entertainment

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No, this is not about Kylo Ren’s sex life. Apart from one excruciating topless beefcake scene which was even more painful for the audience than it was for Rey, it’s certain the franchise will continue to completely ignore any form of sex or sexuality. But an in-depth examination of that controversial vision Kylo shared with Rey where a deranged Luke tried to murder him has raised the horrifying thought that Rey was actually there. And not watching from the future. What the Force?

The link between the characters fondly known as Reylo is clear. But are they family or linked fo another reason. Perhaps simply because the Force needs both of them to restore balance?

Why can’t Rey remember her parents of chunks of her past? Was she in bed with Kylo Ren when Luke discovered them at his Jedi school?

Before everyone squirms even more, it should be remembered there is an estimated ten-year age gap between them, so she was probably around 13 to his 23 at the time.

An impressive new theory argues they have known each other for years, possibly since she was even younger than that, and Kylo was a protector. Stay with us and see if it doesn’t make a disturbing kind of sense.

A new Reddit post says the flashback clips which make up the hut scene with Luke and Kylo are shot from POV (point of view) angles.

The first appears to suggest in one Kylo is shielding something or someone when Luke attacks.

The second, the theory argues “The camera is watching Kylo as he sleeps. In the same way that a person would look at their partner as they are sleeping. This time around we see that Kylo engages in a lightsaber duel with Luke but uses the Force to protect whatever is behind him.”

The theory suggests Rey was there and her memories have been tampered with.

Why is Rey there? The theory suggests Luke had rejected her from his school but Kylo looked for her and brought her back secretly and has been protecting and possibly even training her.

It is intriguing but raises s plenty of questions.

Who erased her memories of this period? No Jedi has used such a power in the main franchise. Why didn’t Kylo Ren recognise her or try and tell her who she was and what had happened? 

It sounds a little overly complicated, however, fans are learning to expect the unexpected in the final trilogy…



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