Published On: Fri, Jun 14th, 2019

Spice Girls: Geri Horner breaks down in tears on stage at Wembley | Music | Entertainment

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Ginger Spice – who shot to fame as Geri Halliwell in the 1990s – had her first ever experience of playing at Wembley Stadium yesterday; after having quit the group when the others played there in 1998. Wiping tears, she told the huge audience in London that she was “gutted” at the time, before Mel B wondered aloud if Victoria Beckham was currently feeling the same way. Video above.

Moved Geri said: “It’s just… in front of all this crowd, it’s phenomenal and I just feel so proud, it’s so amazing.”

As she became moved, Melanie C said: “You know what else this could be, girls? Ginger’s never done Wembley because she left last time!”

After Mel B and Emma Bunton showered Geri with love and hugs, the Mi Chico Latino singer explained: “I want to be honest with everybody.

“21 years ago, these girls did a great job and they appeared at Wembley Stadium.

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“And I was gutted! And I was like, ‘why are they doing it without me?’

“So 21 years later, the fact we can come back together and do it with you lot… it’s amazing.”

Mel B quipped: “I wonder if Victoria feels like that right now…”

Beckham, of course, opted out of the current jaunt; having decided her popstar days are behind her.

Bunton, Horner, Mel B and Melanie C have two shows left on their tour: both also at Wembley Stadium, tonight and tomorrow.

The full setlist, stage times and weather forecasts can be seen here.

They have other projects in the pipeline, including an animated movie – for which Beckham is involved.

Bunton explained yesterday that its exact nature is still being worked out, but that it won’t be a sequel or remake of their 1990s smash Spice World.

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