Published On: Thu, Apr 4th, 2019

SILKY’S service gets BOUQUETS from bereaved | The Crusader | Finance

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But one business playing fair and looking to help the bereaved cut the costs of laying a loved one to rest is florist Silky Bouquets which has won high praise from customer Thomas Owen. He went to Silky in Widnes after previous poor service from a large company which provided inferior flowers and delivered late. In contrast blooms from Silky, owned by female entrepreneurs Anna Jenkins and Linda Hale, “arrived on time, exactly how we ordered and for a fraction of the price we expected.The grave still looked good three months later,” says Thomas.

“Extortionate costs of flowers has always been something we have tried to combat,” commented Anna.

“We try to provide a niche in the market with an easy to use, handmade to order range of flowers, created lovingly and delivered quickly all over the country at a time of need and often financial hardship for most families.”

To help keep costs manageable, she also recommends:

“At a time of need customers should really consider what is essential, often in floral terms it is easy to spend unnecessarily to leave a lasting impression.  

“Spend time to consider together what tributes you would like and then possibly club together to fund them rather than purchasing lots of separate tributes

“If a burial is to take place always opt for a silky tribute which will still look beautiful while waiting for the ground to settle and the headstone to be placed.”

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