Published On: Mon, Aug 12th, 2019

‘Sexist nonsense’ Caroline Lucas accused of ‘coup’ for all-female emergency cabinet demand | Politics | News

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The Green MP has proposed that 10 high-profile female politicians should form a cabinet of national unity to block a no deal Brexit and seek legislation for a fresh referendum. The extraordinary proposal has been met with overwhelming criticism, as many branded the suggestion as “blatant sexism”. Others have criticised the cabinet for excluding women of colour, as all 10 of the MPs put forward are white.

Ms Lucas has asked a handful of female MPs to join her, including Labour’s Emily Thornberry, the Liberal Democrat leader, Jo Swinson, and SNP’s leader Nicola Sturgeon.

Writing in the Guardian, the Green MP said: “We need an ‘emergency Cabinet’ – not to fight a Brexit war but to work for reconciliation.

“And I believe this should be a Cabinet of women.”

She went on to say any Cabinet could not include male members as in the past it was women who had shown they can bring an alternative approach to crises like the ongoing Brexit situation.

Ms Lucas said: “I believe women have shown they can bring a different perspective to crises, are able to reach out to those they disagree with and cooperate to find solutions.”

But the proposal has been heavily criticised on Twitter, with one user writing: “Is this really what our politicians should be doing?

“Coming up with self indulgent and now sexist suggestions to subvert the democratic process?”

Another said: “I have a lot of time for Caroline but this is nonsense.”

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“She’s just stereotyped a whole gender and then excluded another based on their gender.

“This is not how MPs should act.”

Another simply asked: “Why exclude a political based on there sex?”

Politicians have also joined in on the criticism, with Tory MP Liz Truss asking: “Is there anything more sexist than claiming your gender determines your worldview/behaviour/attitude?”

The Green MP has also come under fire for excluding women of colour from the proposed cabinet.

Labour MP Chi Onwurah said it was “patronising” and added: “Including BAME women is not going some extra mile!”

Another person wrote: “Why no women of colour including the most senior woman in Labour Diane Abbott?”

The women invited to join Ms Lucas in the emergency cabinet are: Heidi Allen, Kirsty Blackman, Yvette Cooper, Sylvia Hermon, Liz Saville Roberts, Anna Soubry, Emily Thornberry, Jo Swinson, Nicola Sturgeon, Justine Greening.

Ms Thornberry has responded on Twitter, and said: “I will gladly stand on a stage with you and the other women” but said she was worried the new proposals “would not solve our country’s divisions”.

The other politicians are yet to publicly respond.

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