Published On: Fri, Apr 26th, 2019

Sarah Ferguson news: Duchess of York has this title after Prince Andrew split

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Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew got married at Westminster Abbey in July 1986.  The couple were married for ten years and had two children together, Princess Beatrice, 30, and Princess Eugenie, 29.  Sarah was welcomed into the Royal Family and given a title of her own after she married the Queen’s son.  The pair divorced in 1996, but what happened to her title?

When Sarah Ferguson married into the Royal Family, she was given the official title of Her Royal Highness Duchess of York.

This is because she automatically took on the title of Prince Andrew, who is the Duke of York.

The couple’s children were then given the titles of Princess.

Sarah and Andrew announced their separation in March 1992, just six years into their marriage.

Right after the couple divorced in May 1996, Sarah kept her title HRH Duchess of York.

However, just months after the divorce letters patent were issued which would remove the HRH status from those who were divorced from a Prince.

This meant Sarah was stripped of her Her Royal Highness status when this came into effect on 21 August 1996.

Instead, her title was changed to Sarah, Duchess of York, which became standard form of address for ex-wives of the royals.

The Duchess still holds this title now, despite having separated from her ex-husband over 20 years ago.

Sarah and Andrew kept a close relationship since the divorce and many royal fans are hopeful they will get back together.

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