Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2019

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew: Duchess reveals couple ‘still together’ despite divorce

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Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew married at a ceremony at Westminster Abbey on 23 July 1986.  The couple had two daughters shortly after, Princess Beatrice, 30, and Princess Eugenie, 29.  They have always appeared to be a close family and that did not seem to change even after the couple separated.  Despite being divorced for 23-years, some royal fans are hopeful the couple will soon reunite and even get remarried.

In an unearthed interview from 2016, the Duchess of York opened up about the couple’s relationship 20-years after their divorce.

Sarah Ferguson appeared on Australian radio to give an insight into her life with her ex-husband.

In the interview with host Kyle Sandilands, Sarah was asked if she would get back together with Andrew.

The Duchess said: “We’re divorced to each other right now. We’ve never really left each other.”

The host then went on to ask the Duchess if she was “still together” with Andrew, to which she replied “yes”.

There are many ways the Duchess could have meant that, but she kept tight-lipped on whether they are a romantic couple or not. She did reveal they still live together

She explained the couple share a house, but they rarely see each other.

Sarah and Andrew are thought to live together in the Royal Lodge in Windsor, which was gifted to Prince Andrew by the Queen.

After the pair patched up their platonic relationship in 2008, the Duchess is believed to have moved in.

Speaking on the radio show, she explained: “I’m in and out all the time and he’s in and out all the time.”

Whatever her relationship with Andrew, it is clear they are very close and she spoke highly of her ex-husband.

In the interview, Sarah was asked about her wedding day and if she still watches the wedding video.

She told the hosts that she does still have a copy and had watched it fairly recently.

Sarah said: “The thing is it was the greatest day of my life marrying the finest man, and he is the finest man, he’s a great gentleman.”

If Sarah and Andrew were to remarry, they would not need the Queen’s consent due to a royal rule

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