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Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew: Body language at Princess Eugenie’s wedding shows pair m

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Princess Eugenie married her long-term partner, Jack Brooksbank, 32, at Windsor Castle in October last year.

The couple were joined by many members of the Royal Family, including Eugenie’s parents Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, both 59.

Despite getting divorced in 1996, Sarah and Andrew reportedly still live together, and they stood together for Eugenie’s wedding portrait.

Body language expert, Judi James, told explained what their body language means and if this showed they will get back together.

In the official wedding portrait, Sarah Ferguson can be seen standing on the right hand side of the photograph, next to her former husband, Prince Andrew.

But what is their body language like and what does this tell us about the relationship between the couple?

Judi James said: “The wedding was a frustrating event for everyone keen to see Fergie and Andrew finally show signs of re-kindling their relationship.

“Pre-wedding photos showed them laughing together and looking quite intimate, with Sarah appearing to reprise her role as the woman who could cut through some of Andrew’s pompous behaviours and make him laugh.”

Sarah and Prince Andrew were reportedly seperated for two years before they divorced in 1996, but there has been recent speculation that they will rekindle their relationship.

However, throughout the ceremony of their daughter’s wedding they appeared to keep their distance.

Judi explained: “On the day we saw Andrew perform touchingly in the role of fond and constantly attentive father of the bride and wingman, almost taking Sarah’s place in fussing over the wedding dress and veil and escorting his daughter.

“Sarah and Andrew barely met eye-to-eye during the service, with Sarah looking excited but slightly wary, almost tip-toeing into the chapel first and sitting staring straight ahead in what looked very much like wariness or fear as Prince Philip took his place in the pew right behind her.”

After the wedding, the Royal Family posed for the official portraits, and in this more private setting, the couple showed signs of a possible reconciliation.

“Sarah and Andrew threw up such strong signals of spontaneous rapport that all bets were off again regarding their closeness,” Judi said.

“Andrew left his daughter’s side to stand towards the margins of the line-up and next to his ex-wife.

“The spatial gap between them looks large but it would have formally signified their divorced status. Their similarities in body language suggest strong bonds of empathy and like-minded thinking still remain though.

“Both stand at the same angle, upright but also quite at ease. Sarah’s hands are clasped low in front of her torso and Andrews are the same but behind his body.

“Their facial expressions are mirrored, with direct, open eye expressions and wide smiles that display upper and lower teeth.”

The body language between the divorced couple appeared to show softening and affection between them.

Since the wedding, Sarah’s body language has revealed more signs of a possible reunion with her ex-husband.

Judi revealed: “When Sarah appeared on TV with Piers Morgan after the wedding she poo-pooed any suggestion from Piers that she might get back together with her ex husband but her body language as she did so looked over-congruent, ie exaggerated, rather than coolly dismissive, suggesting strong emotions might still be swirling around.

“The ‘Philip factor’ looked evident at the wedding and it will be interesting to see if anything changes as Prince Philip steps back slightly from public life and perhaps takes a fonder look at his ex daughter-in-law.”

Although royal fans will need to wait and see if the pair will get back together, Sarah recently showed affection to her husband as she swooned over an emotional family event

Sarah recently shared pictures online of Andrew and Eugenie as the opened the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital’s Stanmore building.

“So proud of Andrew, Eugenie and Jack today at the opening of the new Stanmore Building @rnohnhs,” the Duchess of York told her 177,000 followers.

The odds on the couple getting back together were revealed, and the probability the pair will remarry stand at 2-1, according to the bookmakers. 

Sarah Ferguson: Five facts about the Duchess of YorkChildhoodSarah is the second daughter of Major Ronald Ferguson and Susan Mary Wright.Her parents divorced in 1974, with her mother going on to marry polo player Héctor Barrantes in 1975 and moving to Argentina. Sarah stayed in the UK with her father, who remarried in 1976 and went on to have three more children.WeddingSarah married Prince Andrew on 23 July 1986 at Westminster Abbey in London.She wore an ivory-silk wedding gown designed by Lindka Cierarch which had a 17 foot train and 20 foot veil. As is tradition, Sarah wore a diamond tiara, and her wedding band was crafted from Welsh gold.The couple spent their honeymoon abroad the real yacht Britannia off the coast of the Azores Islands.DivorceSarah and Andrew divorced in 1996 after separating in 1992.However the couple remain on good terms, even living together in the Royal Lodge from 2008 until Sarah moved to a ski chalet in Switzerland they bought together in 2015.CareerSarah has written children’s books for many years, her first being a series about Budgie The Helicopter in the early 90s.She has also been the US spokeswoman for WeightWatchers after famously battling her weight over the years.On top of commercial endeavours, the Duchess devotes plenty of time to charity, including Children in Crisis, which she founded in 1993.Social mediaFergie, as she is known to friends, uses both Twitter and Instagram.She has over 200,000 followers across the platforms, and shares many insights in to her life.Most of the Royal Family are not on social media, but are represented by Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, or Clarence House.Sarah’s daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, are the exception, with both joining their mother on social media.

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