Published On: Fri, Jul 31st, 2020

Princess Anne news: Body language with Queen Elizabeth II shows relationship with royal

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Judi told “Stoic, hard-working, practical, out-spoken and challenging to meet, of all the Queen’s children, Princess Anne has always been both the closest and the most similar in terms of personality to her father Prince Philip.

“Her low-key, unfussy, immensely solid role in the Queen’s public life makes their relationship look similar in many ways to that between the Queen and her husband.”

The expert suggested Princess Anne seems to take on the role in the Queen’s public life that was once held by Prince Philip.

Since Prince Philip retired in 2017, Princess Anne has been on hand to support the monarch in public.


The two royal women also seem to have a shared sense of humour as well as similar interests.

Judi added: “Like her father, Anne appears to make the Queen laugh and most poses between the two women suggest a shared sense of humour, bringing out a side of the Queen that we rarely get to glimpse.

“She had a similar twinkle in her eye to her father and clearly supplied the kind of hands-off and unfussy support that the Queen always prefers.

“Both women share a passion for horses and, off-duty, they will often dress in identical, country women style, tweeds, wellies and headscarves.

“If the Queen hadn’t inherited the crown it’s likely it would be Anne’s lifestyle that she would have most love to embrace.

“Although, the Queen does seem to have a soft spot for some of the glamour of royal life that is apparently an anathema to her daughter.”

While the Queen and Princess Anne have a good relationship, the monarch is rarely seen with her in comparison to her siblings.

Judi suggested the Queen spends more time with Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

However, this could be because of how Princess Anne handles royal life.

“We probably see less of the Queen and Anne than we do of the Queen and her three sons,” Judi said.

“But that’s probably because Anne is the low-maintenance child.

“While Charles, Andrew and Edward have all been through periods of angst, emotions and dramas, Anne has always been the one who just gets on with the job, even sailing through her divorce and remarriage in a low-key, practical way.”

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