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Princess Anne became physically sick at thought of very normal milestone | Royal | News

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It was the Princess Royal’s first day at boarding school in 1963 when she was 13 years old. She attended Benenden School, a private boarding school for girls in Kent. She was the first princess to ever leave the palace to attend school with other children.

Anne was so nervous on her first day that she was sick on the way, according to Channel 4’s 2002 documentary ‘The Real Princess Anne’.

It said: “At the age of 13 she became the first princess ever to leave the palace for an ordinary school – Benenden School for girls in Kent.

“According to the headmistress, Anne was so nervous that she had been physically sick on the way.”

Royal expert Penny Junor was a fellow pupil at Benenden, having arrived just a year before.

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She told the documentary: “I do remember we were all extremely excited about her arrival.

“Everyone I knew said: ‘What’s she like? What’s she like?’ you know.

“And I said: ‘She’s just like one of us’.”

Anne had been educated by her governess, Catherine Peebles, up to that point – first with her older brother Charles and then, after he went to boarding school, on her own.

A newsreader at the time said: “The girls will know her as Anne of the Lower Fifth, a prospect with Anne certainly looked happy about – surprisingly happy, in fact, for a new girl just starting school.”

After five years at the school, Anne left school with six GCE O-Levels and two A-levels.

She decided to leave education, believing university to be “a highly overrated pastime”.

Instead, she became a royal full time.

These days, she is known as the hardest working royal: In 2018, 68-year-old Anne attended 447 engagements in the UK and 71 overseas, according to The Times.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles clocked up 398 engagements in the Uk and 109 overseas and the Queen, attended 283 engagements in the UK.

However, retired insurance broker Tim O’Donovan who tallied up the public appearances, said: “All engagements differ as to time and content and there is also the time taken in preparation to consider, whether it be a visit, investiture or speech.”

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