Published On: Fri, Feb 14th, 2020

Prince George body language: The BIGGEST challenge Prince George could face

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Prince George will become King after the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William. Being head of the monarchy comes with many responsibilities and expectations, but what is the biggest challenge Prince George might face according to a body language expert?

Prince George, six, has started to get a grip on what his life will entail according to reports. 

His parents, Kate Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are said to have introduced him to rotal life and what it will entail for him in the future, by reading him storybooks. 

A source told US Weekly: “William talks to George about what being a royal means. 

“He does so in a very simple manner because he doesn’t want his son to feel overwhelmed at such a young age. 

“He’ll explain things as if he’s reading from a children’s storybook. So it’s fun for George.” 

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But despite having a wealth of support from his parents, grandfather and great-grandmother, Prince George will likely face significant difficulties throughout his life. 

Body language expert and energy reader Alison Ward has revealed how the youngster will likely be impacted by the general public’s perception of him. 

She said: “Prince George comes across as a sensitive boy which carries a double-edged sword. 

“He is able to read situations and make a good leader yet he will be affected by negativity, rudeness, sharpness and anything that isn’t kind.” 

She added: “Saying all that I can’t see George being King. I just don’t feel it for some reason. 

“Could it be us moving towards a country without a monarch? 

“George has a worried look about him too, can you see his face scrunching up and his eyes looking for reassurance?” 

According to a Closer Weekly source, Prince George is aware of his future role as King. 

They told Closer Weekly: “William and Kate have already talked to George and Charlotte about their future roles, but in a child-like way so that they understand without feeling overwhelmed. 

“George knows there’s something special about him and that one day he’ll be the future King of England.” 

The source added: “George has turned into a confident little boy and loves meeting new people, and Charlotte’s a social butterfly. 

“They don’t get nervous in public and are already showing signs of becoming great leaders. 

“Louis has a great personality and is an outgoing child, he has a cute cheeky streak, like his sister.” 

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