Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2019

‘Please don’t spoil it for others’

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The Russo brothers are starting the #Don’tSpoilTheEndgame movement, and we are backing it up 100%

Published 11:10 AM, April 17, 2019

Updated 11:10 AM, April 17, 2019

NO SPOILERS. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo write a letter to Marvel fans. Photo by Jung Yeon-je/AFP

NO SPOILERS. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo write a letter to Marvel fans. Photo by Jung Yeon-je/AFP

MANILA, Philippines – #DontSpoilTheEndgame, please? Avengers directors and brothers Anthony and Joe Russo are humbly asking Marvel fans around the world to keep your spoilers to yourself, and we couldn’t agree more.

With only a week left before the hyped premiere of Avengers: Endgame, the Russo brothers took to Twitter to remind all fans about the golden rule of movie-watching.

“To the greatest fans in the world,” they start their heartfelt letter with.

This is it. This is the end. The end of an unprecedented narrative mosaic spanning 11 years and 11 franchises.”

Joe and Anthony continue on, sharing their sincere gratitude with their most loyal Marvel fans.

“For all of you who have been on this journey with us since the very beginning, sharing every high and low with your family, your friends, your classmates, your co-workers. Investing so deeply in every character and storyline. Laughing. Cheering. Shedding tears. Giving so freely of your thoughts and emotions in spirited dialogue, theories, fan art, and fan fiction,” they added.

They also expressed the hardwork and dedication it took for them to deliver the “emotionally powerful, surprising” conclusion to the well-loved franchise.

“Please know that the two of us, along with everyone involved…have worked tirelessly for the last 3 years with the sole intention of delivering a surprising and emotionally powerful conclusion to the Infinity Saga.”

The Russo brothers end their letter with a simple plea for fans – more specifically, for those who – for some mind-boggling reason – enjoy spoiling films for others.

“Because so many of you have invested your time, your hearts, and your souls into these stories, we’re once again asking for your help,” the brothers said. “When you see Endgame in the coming weeks, please don’t spoil it for others, the same way you wouldn’t want it spoiled for you.”

Their last warning? “Remember, Thanos still demands your silence. As always, good luck and happy viewing.”

Avengers: Endgame premieres in the Philippines on April 24. –

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