Published On: Thu, Dec 3rd, 2020

PIP Christmas payment 2020: When is PIP being paid over Christmas? | Personal Finance | Finance

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The Department for Work and Pensions released the Christmas payment dates for PIP back in October. Christmas is a difficult time of the year for most people financially, so PIP claimants will be pleased to know that they may get paid a little earlier this year. When is PIP being paid over Christmas?

Your regular payment date for PIP can be found on your decision letter.

The decision letter tells you the date of your payment and what day of the week you’re normally paid.

For example, you might get paid on the last Wednesday of the month to start with.

This means you will normally be paid on the last Thursday of the month every month.

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If you are expecting your payment on Monday, December 28, you will be paid earlier.

Normally, you’re paid the Friday before but this is a bank holiday.

Thursday is Christmas Eve and even though Universal Credit claimants will be paid on this day, PIP and other benefit claimants will be paid on Wednesday, December 23 instead.

PIP claimants who due their money on Tuesday, December 29 will get it on this date, since it is not a bank holiday.

Those due to be paid on Friday, December 30 will also be paid on this exact date.

The same applies to money due on December 31, New Years Eve.

If you are meant to be paid on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2021, you’ll be paid on December 31, 2020.

Payments due on Monday, January 4, will be paid on that date.

If a mistake is made and you aren’t paid when you are supposed to be or you don’t get paid the right amount, you need to ring the PIP helpline immediately.

This number for the PIP helpline is 0800 121 4433.

It’s open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm.

Frustratingly, the line is closed on bank holiday so you may need to wait a day or two to solve your problem.

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