Published On: Mon, Nov 23rd, 2020

Piers Morgan body language with Susanna Reid shows relationship of GMB hosts

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While she will sometimes take a step back, the expert suggested she will use her body language to show her opinions.

Judi said: “There are moments when Susanna does put up a bit of a fight by looking straight at the camera and sharing her thoughts with the audience.

“It is just like you can see at some business meetings when the Alpha business boss dominates everything and the lower ranking employee will sit there looking at everyone else, quietly rolling their eyes to signal that ‘I am not connected with his viewpoints whatsoever’.

“Funnily enough, despite often giving the impression of dominance, Piers does also keep eye checking Susanna and I think there is possibly a feeling that he has quietly got more respect for her qualities as a calm, level-headed professional.”

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