Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2019

Nintendo Game Boy turns 30: Here’s how people celebrated

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Happy birthday, Game Boy!

Published 6:14 PM, April 23, 2019

Updated 6:23 PM, April 23, 2019

GAMEBOY. Shutterstock photo

GAMEBOY. Shutterstock photo

MANILA, Philippines – There’s no system more synonymous to handheld gaming than
the Game Boy.

First released by Nintendo in April of 1989, the Game Boy opened up a world of
possibilities for portable entertainment – some of which are still very much present in
gaming today.

It would go on to sell millions of units worldwide, spawn a family of successors, and
become a cultural phenomenon. All thanks to inventor Gunpei Yokoi’s approach to
create something new from outdated technology, which he dubbed “lateral thinking with
withered technology”.

With 8-bit graphics, a monochrome display, and a chunky design, the Game Boy was
neither the most graphically sophisticated or technologically advanced system of its
time. But it’s arguably the first to get handheld gaming right, offering a great list of titles
you could play whenever and wherever you wanted at an affordable price. It was unlike
anything that ever came before it.

People from across the internet celebrated the 30th anniversary of the beloved system
in a bunch of different ways. Here are some of them below:

Twitter user @Bigcoyote commemorated the Game Boy’s anniversary by showing off
his collection, shaped as the number 30.

Reddit user u/RuprechtsTrident shared a photo of his Game Boy with Tetris booted up.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @ChrisPariano showcased art that shows popular PlayStation
3 game Demon Souls rendered for the Game Boy.

Reddit user u/thewesker posted an image of the different generations of Game Boy
systems from his collection.

Twitter user @Rgznsk_ shared a pretty cool voxel render of the Game Boy.

Twitter user @gamingmuso sang his Game Boy a birthday song.

star Mark Ruffalo not too long ago posted a photo of his co-stars Chris
Evans and Scarlett Johansson playing with their Game Boys while on set.


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