Published On: Fri, Oct 23rd, 2020

Nicola Sturgeon and SNP told to ‘stop picking fights’ with No10 and focus on Scottish jobs | Politics | News

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Douglas Ross slammed Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for failing to get the £700million worth of funding from Chancellor Rishi Sunak out to Scottish businesses. He added that businesses in Scotland are struggling due to the strict coronavirus restrictions imposed by the Scottish Government. 

Mr Ross said: “I was really concerned that the First Minister and the Scottish Government seemed to be looking to pick fights with the UK Government over funding when we all know £700million was made available to the Scottish Government by Chancellor Rishi Sunak very recently.

“But that money is not getting out to businesses yet.

“So my question to the First Minister is, why is that funding not getting out to businesses right now?

“Pick your fights in the future with the UK Government, if you want to, but let’s prioritise getting support out to businesses now.

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“There are hundreds of millions of pounds available to the Scottish Government that could be directed to businesses right now, today.

“We need to get that money out and we need to get it out now to support the businesses that are struggling right now.”

Earlier today, Ms Sturgeon raged at Chancellor Rishi Sunak as she accused the UK Government of failing to support Scotland through the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Sturgeon insisted that Scotland has seen “not a penny so far” in support as she demanded further action to help face the financial consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

“We have to rely on the Chancellor to provide the same funding guarantees to Scotland businesses has he already has for businesses in England.

“So far he hasn’t been done, not a single penny of extra funding beyond that already allocated has been guaranteed to Scotland as a result of yesterday’s announcement.”

The Scottish First Minister continued: “While I am not prepared to offer businesses here less funding than their counterparts in England will get, I have to be clear on this point.

“Without a resolution to the problem I’ve just highlighted, the money the Scottish Government has to pay for these grants will eventually run out.”

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