Published On: Mon, Apr 1st, 2019

Motley Crue The Dirt on netflix: Is the band reuniting? Are they BANNED from touring? | Music | Entertainment

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The new Netflix movie is already raising eyebrows with the depiction of the infamous heavy metal group. Based on the 2001 best-seller The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band written by the members themselves, it lays bare the excesses and insanities of the iconic US band. Back in 2014, they launched a massive farewell tour which was meant to be a permanent end to Motley Crue. But suddenly they have released four new tracks to accompany the movie biopic. Will an album and tour follow?

The Dirt was launched on HBO today and last month Mötley Crüe and Machine Gun Kelly (who plays Tommy Lee in the film) released the music video for their song The Dirt (Est. 1981).

The band also announced that the film’s soundtrack will also feature three new recordings. Two are original tracks – Ride with the Devil, and Crash and Burn – plus there is a bold cover of the Madonna classic Like a Virgin.

Motley Crue split in 2015 after the so-called Final Tour, but are now officially back together again with the core four members, bassist Nikki Sixx, lead singer Vince Neil, lead guitarist Mick Mars and drummer Tommy Lee.

Typically, even their reunion has a crazy side to it.

Numerous famous artists have publicly fought to be released from record contracts and promotional obligations.

Yet, back in 2014, Motley Crue proudly declared they had legally prevented themselves from ever touring again.

At a press conference in Los Angeles on Jan 28, 2014, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx signed a legally-binding “cessation of touring agreement”. This was publicly notarised and witnessed by attorney Doug Mark.

Lee said at the time: “We always had a vision of going out with a big f***ing bang and not playing county fairs and clubs with one or two original band members.”

Of course, the industry is littered with numerous farewell and final tours from ‘retiring’ artists who milk one last hurrah – and then, miraculously, find their career revived and hitteh road all over again.

Will Motley Crue do the same?

It’s unclear who exactly that legally binding document was with. If they just signed it to each other, then presumably it can be dissolved if they all agree.

Ultimately, only one thing will decide, the same as in every other situation – if the demand (and financial reward) is there or not.


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