Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2019

MILLIONS of Brits would turn a blind eye to CHEATING, says divorce specialists

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However, the majority of those quizzed said that cheating did not always have to involve physical interaction.

A whopping 82 per cent of those surveyed suggested their partner would be being unfaithful if they sent messages, flirted in person or bought gifts for someone outside of the relationship.

When it came to committing adultery, 73 per cent claimed they would be more likely to do it abroad rather than on their own doorstep.

But men were more likely to stray, with one in five open to a holiday romance outside of their relationship, compared with one in 14 women.

Alcohol was also considered a large factor when “playing away”, with one in five of those quizzed claiming they would not consider it cheating if they were drunk during the act.

The research – carried out by law firm Simpson Millar – also found Liverpudlians were most likely to forgive their partner for cheating (25 per cent), followed by those living in Leeds (23 per cent) and Newcastle (21 per cent).

Family members were the most trusted when it came to outing a cheater, with two thirds of the public willing to believe them over their partner.

But women were more likely to doubt what their other half said, with two thirds willing to believe anyone who told them of a betrayal.

Last week, the Government announced that couples in England and Wales will be able to end their marriages more quickly – and without blame – to “help reduce family conflict”.

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