Published On: Sat, Mar 30th, 2019

Melania Trump news: FLOTUS First Lady SAVAGED for meeting Venezuela Guaido wife | World | News

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The First Lady (FLOTUS) hosted Fabiana Rosales, the 26-year-old spouse of Juan Guaidó, 35, at her and Donald Trump’s favoured Mar-a-Lago retreat in South Florida. The White House released photos of the duo smiling as Melania praised Mrs Rosales as an “inspiring” figure. The visit was seen as an attempt by the US to exercise soft power to exert influence over the South American region in a show of support for Mr Guaidó’s claim to power.

Tweeting an accompanying message to a photo posted on Twitter of her and Mrs Rosales, Melania said: “An inspiring meeting with Fabiana Rosales as she shared her passionate ideas and plans to restore democracy and to care for the children of Venezuela.

“We stand with you and President Guaidó.”

And she said in a statement: “I enjoyed speaking with First Lady Fabiana Rosales and learning about her goals for improving the lives of children in her country.

“Our country stands strong with the Venezuelan people.

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“The greatest gift we can give our children is freedom and the Administration supports First Lady Fabiana Rosales and her husband, President Juan Guaidó, as they work to return democracy to the Venezuelan people.”

But social media users gave mixed responses to the visit, including those who argued FLOTUS is only heaping further pressure on the beleaguered nation of Venezuela.

The First Lady discussed the ongoing political and socio-economic disaster gripping Venezuela and argued freedom is the best gift we can give to children.

With the crisis taking place in the US with children of immigrant families, some Twitter users questioned whether Melania was the woman for the job.

Taking to the platform, one user said: “You are no better than your husband.

“You have become the female version of his self. Shameful.

“You will end up alone and known for your lack of empathy.”

Infuriated, someone else said: “Why don’t you do the same and tell that jerk of a husband of yours to free the children he has put in cages?”

But others were not so scathing, with one user saying: “So glad our fabulous FLOTUS is so involved in foreign affairs with such grace, aplomb, dignity and sensitivity.”

Lavishing praise on the First Lady another person wrote: “I love you. You are so chic and kind thanks for all support.”

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