Published On: Sun, Mar 31st, 2019

Liverpool news: How Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain CRIED after dad’s SAVAGE Spurs jibe | Football | Sport

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Jurgen Klopp’s side takes on third-place Tottenham today in what promises to be one of the season’s biggest clashes. However, Liverpool fans hoping to see Oxlade-Chamberlain back in action will have to wait. The former Arsenal star, who has been sidelined since suffering a serious knee injury in the first leg of last season’s Champions League semi-final against Roma, received a setback to his return.

The £40million star took a knock during his comeback in a Premier League 2 clash for the Under-23s, playing 41 minutes against Derby County.

And while he has been in Dubai recovering during the international break, Klopp has confirmed he will not feature this weekend. 

The news will come as a blow for Chamberlain, who surely has unfinished business with his former north London rivals. 

But what many do not know is he was once left in floods of tears following a remark his dad, Mark Chamberlain, made during an academy match for Southampton against the Lillywhites.

The England international recalled during an interview in 2015: “My dad was the academy coach [for Southampton] at under-11 level.

“At that level, everybody was meant to get the same game time so nobody gets too disheartened.

“However, I remember we were away at Tottenham and, about 10 minutes in, I had made two mistakes and both times he had told me what I needed to do and I didn’t listen and learn from it quick enough.

“He pulled me off and said ‘Sit there! Actually, don’t. Go and sit in the car.’ I had travelled all that way and he gave me literally 15 minutes. 

“I was in floods of tears.”

He went on to reveal how he learnt the hard way thanks to his dad’s tough love.

He added: ”I remember he said ‘You’ll listen to me next time.’ And I did. That was when he was most disappointed with me when he had me in tears at the end of the game. But he was right. I do remember that.

“I can have the worst game of my life, come off the pitch and my mum will tell me I was great.

“That’s what mum’s do.

“Dad is a harsh critic but he is a realistic one. I always know I can go to him for honest advice. He has always been able to tell me in the right way whether I have done well or badly.”

Chamberlain, who played for Southampton until Arsene Wenger signed him in 2011, detailed how he is always trying to improve.

He continued: “There is always room for improvement and I have always grown up knowing, however, well I have done, there is always something I could have done better.

“There are things that other people would not even have noticed if they watched the games but the stuff I need to be doing better. My dad has built that culture into me.

“He is very laid back, though, so he will usually leave it until he sees me to talk about a game. He will check in with a text saying, ‘Well done’.

“But when he actually gives me a ring and I can hear he is happy on the phone… that is when I really know I have done well.”

Mark Chamberlain represented England on eight occasions during his time with Stoke City, between 1982 and 1985. 

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