Published On: Tue, Jun 25th, 2019

Laura Kuenssberg latest Boris Johnson news: BBC bias claims over interview with PM hopeful | UK | News

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One wrote: “Is it a fair way to run an interviewee to fix on a question that is not been answered, until it is (hell freezing), the interviewer declares the question unanswered, or the interviewee walks.

“Paxman style? Or is more important to cover more ground. I feel the former.”

Another said on Twitter: “BBC Politics interview needed more rigorous questioning.

“Sadly, Laura came across unnecessarily haughty & with hearsay soundbites but lacking in fact to engage in repartee, such that Boris Johnson was able to give several two-minute soliloquies!”

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A third added: “She’s biased.

“He’s got every right not to discuss his private life – no matter how much you want him destroyed by it.”

More complained about Ms Kuenssberg’s “soft” interview, with one claiming the BBC should be investigated by broadcasting body Ofcom due to the “balance” in the broadcast.

However others praised Ms Kuenssberg’s interview style, with one Twitter user penning: “I have to congratulate Laura on the interview with Boris Johnson.

“He was nailed and knew it – maybe this is why he’s hiding away.”

Convinced of the BBC journalist’s competence, someone else said: “The only moment where Boris Johnson brightened up in that interview is when Laura Kuenssberg told him they were running out of time.”

Before the revelations involving his current girlfriend Carrie Symonds became public, Mr Johnson had been leading the race to become the next Prime Minister.

However, after a neighbour called police after hearing shouting and a woman shouting “get off me” and “get out” at the south London home the Uxbridge MP shares with 31-year-old girlfriend Carrie Symonds, the Tory MP has taken a hit in the polls.

Carrie’s ex-boyfriend has spoken out about his “tumultuous relationship” with the former PR executive.

Carrie is the daughter of Matthew Symonds, one of the founders of the newspaper the Independent, and Josephine Mcaffee, one of the paper’s lawyers.

She grew up in southwest London, attending the private Godolphin and Latymer School before studying theatre studies and history of art at Warwick University.

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