Published On: Fri, Apr 19th, 2019

Latin hip-hop group Cypress Hill gains Walk of Fame star

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The group behind hit single ‘Insane in the Brain’ unveils a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

Published 2:25 PM, April 19, 2019

Updated 2:25 PM, April 19, 2019

CYPRESS HILL. The 90's group unveils their Walk of Fame award. Photo from Cypress Hill's Instagram account

CYPRESS HILL. The 90’s group unveils their Walk of Fame award. Photo from Cypress Hill’s Instagram account

LOS ANGELES, USA – The Latin American hip-hop group Cypress Hill on Thursday, April 18 unveiled a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, the city where they formed more than 3 decades ago.

“It’s totally surreal,” Lawrence Muggerud, aka DJ Muggs, told AFP. “We walked here as kids, we looked at the stars. We never thought we’d have one.”

“We represent hip-hop, Latinos, music, dreams. It’s wonderful to celebrate with the family,” he added, 30 years after the formation of the first Latin American group to have a record go platinum in the US, or sell more than one million copies.

“Before music I was in a gang, and there are not many ways out as you know – either prison or the graveyard,” said Muggerud, with bandmate Louis Freese, aka B-Real, at his side.

“My brothers saw something in me and put on the path to music and we formed Cypress Hill.”

The band’s name was inspired by a neighborhood street where the members grew up.

They sold more than 3 million copies of their second album, Black Sunday in 1993, while their latest album, Elephants on Acid, was released in September last year. –

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