Published On: Tue, Dec 1st, 2020

Kate Middleton is ‘most confident’ when she is ‘standing alone’

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Kate Middleton, 38, is a working member of the Royal Family which involves attending lots of events. With interests of her own, the Duchess will also appear at engagements on her own, showing that she is also confident without Prince William standing by her side.

The expert added: “For this reason Kate always tends to look at her most confident now when she is standing alone with all eyes on her at royal events, like her royal balcony appearance on Remembrance Day, or when she holds fort standing socially distanced on her visits.”

While Kate wasn’t completely alone at The Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday as she had the company of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Kate wasn’t beside William.

The royal looked natural and at ease but Judi explained that “she might be switching into ‘performer’ mode, which is a skill that even seasoned royals like Charles, Camilla and even William struggle with.”

However the expert said that her posture was “impeccable” on Remembrance Sunday.

She said: “She manages to hold it and use a solemn, reflective facial expression without signals of distraction or self-absorption.”

The body language expert previously explained that when Kate and William smile, their prolonged facial expressions could be a sign of inauthenticity. 

Judi went on to say that these ways of coping with the pressure can be seen in other Royal Family members too.

She said: “These three other ‘top tier’ royals habitually display a series of self-comfort or barrier rituals in the same situations, including Charles’s signature cuff-fiddle/pocket checking and Camilla’s staccato thumb twiddling. 

“William tends to adopt a ‘fig leaf’ pose, with his hands clasped low in front of his torso in a self-protective gesture.”

The Duchess also used to mimic William and use the ‘fig leaf’ signal and Judi explained that she also had a habit of holding her clutch bags in the same place.

However the expert suggests that recently, she has become more confident in her role.

Judi said: “Recently she has shown her ability to stand in what is called ‘The Power Pose’ when she is speaking direct to camera or to groups on a visit and this confident pose suggests she is comfortable being scrutinized alone in a semi-leadership role.

“This ‘Power Pose’ is almost so textbook I could use it as an illustration on presenting/pitching workshops. 

“Kate has no props here but manages to pose showing a good blend of confidence and accessibility. 

“She’s not power-posturing but she is showing contagious confidence, which is where the speaker or visitor enables people in the group to feel more confident too. Some of the older royals can be like confidence vampires, draining others of their confidence when they meet them, but Kate’s signals should encourage others to relax and feel the same.”

This confident pose often takes a lot of work and Kate has seemed to nail it.

Judi added: “Her feet are placed apart with her body weight evenly balanced on both feet. 

“Her posture is upright but not tense and as she touches her hands in front of her body she creates the ‘upturned V’ gap under her armpit, which is a subtle but powerful signal of confidence and status.”

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