Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2019

Israeli warplanes ‘fire supersonic RAMPAGE missiles’ in Syria airstrikes – shock claim | World | News

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Babak Taghvaee said the defence-evading missiles were used to avoid the danger posed by Syrian Air Defence Force S-300PM-2s, which were supplied by Russia last October following the accidental downing of a Russian plane by Israeli forces. According to its developers, the Rampage missile “allows us to strike under conditions we’ve never had before”.

It can be deployed aboard IAF F-15s, F-16s and F-35s, and can travel over 80 miles at supersonic speeds, guided by an onboard GPS system.

It is designed to strike high-value targets at standoff ranges, meaning it can be launched by warplanes which can then return to a safe distance before enemy air defences have a chance to respond.

Among the missile features are its ability to control and monitor the extent of its shrapnel, which will make its strike surgical, accurate and with minimum collateral damage despite the fact the missile spends a lot of time in the air from the minute it is launched until it strikes its target.

Amit Haimovich, director of marketing and business development for the weapons’ manufacturer Malam engineering, said the combination of the Rampage’s speed and physical form meant “it can be detected, but it is very hard to intercept”.

He said: “If you take the Middle East arena and areas protected by air-defence systems, the whole point of this missile is that it can hit targets within standoff ranges without threatening the launching platform.”

Israeli aircraft reportedly struck the military facility in Masyaf in the Syrian countryside outside the city of Hama in the early hours of Saturday morning, with multiple buildings destroyed and at least three Syrian troops injured.

Syrian air defences reported downing several enemy projectiles, with social media users posting videos of efforts to repel the attack.

Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes across Syria in recent years and accused Iran of using the war-torn country as a foothold for a possible future military attack against Tel Aviv.

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