Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2019

Israel election exit polls 2019: Who will win – Netanyahu vs Gantz in CLOSE CALL | World | News

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The Israeli Prime Minister sent out a last-minute plea to supporters in a bid to garner more votes for his incumbent Likud party. Another win for Mr Netanyahu would mean a fifth consecutive term after he was first elected in 1996. His election would also make him the longest serving Prime Minister of Israel, however, he is facing staunch competition from rival Benny Gantz. The ex-military chief is giving Netanyahu a run for his money according to recent exit polls.

Will Netanyahu or Gantz win the Israel election?

Voting in Israel officially ended at 10pm, (8pm GMT) today.

Early results have shown Arab turnout at 25 percent, compared to 2015 levels of 40 percent.

This is despite people living in illegal occupied east Jerusalem and West Bank being allowed to vote.

Netanyahu and Gantz are very close, as Israeli residents seem fatigued with Netanyahu’s rule.

Exit polls are now suggesting a slim win for Netanyahu this year.

Israeli Kan TV’s election poll has predicted Likud to win 36 seats, failing against a projected 37 seats for Gantz’s Blue and White party.

The different projections suggest Netanyahu is on course for another term in office.

If exit polls reveal a clear victory, he will be sworn in as Prime Minister this Summer.

The Prime Minister released a Tweet earlier saying early figures had resulted in favour of Gantz.

His statement laid out a close situation for the party and attempted to rally more supporters to its aid just two hours before the polls closed.

He said: “Data coming to us now indicate a gap of four seats in favour of Lapid and Gantz.”

“Many Likud voters have not yet reached the polls. It’s late but not too late.

“I ask everyone to enlist, to bring family and friends to the polls.

“There are two more hours.

“We can prevent a leftist government. We must prevent the left government!”

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