Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2019

India election 2019: Can you vote as an expat – How to vote online? | World | News

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There are more than 900 million eligible voters in India’s elections, which will be the largest democratic exercise in history. India will vote for members of parliament, and the role of prime minister will be granted to the leader of the party or coalition with the most seats. Currently, Narendra Modi is prime minister but faces stiff competition from opposition leader Rahul Gandhi. 

Can you vote in India’s election as an expat?

There are two options for those wanting to vote from overseas, service voter and overseas elector/NRI voter. 

According to the Election Commission of India, to be registered as a service voter you must be either:

  • in the Armed Forces of India
  • from Assam Rifles, CRPF, BSF, ITBF; GREF in Border Road Organisation; Central Industrial Security Force
  • employed under the Government of India, in a post outside India
  • member of an Armed Police Force of a State, and serving outside that state

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To register as an overseas elector/NRI voter according to the Election Commission of India:

  • You must be a citizen of India, absent from the country owing to employment, education etc.
  • You must not have acquired citizenship of any other country and are otherwise eligible to be registered as a voter in the address mentioned in your passport.

Can you vote online in India’s elections?

India does not allow online voting for any eligible voters. To cast your vote in the elections you must attend your designated polling station. 

The Indian Election Commission has issued a warning to voters after misleading social media posts have claimed voters can take part in the election online. 

One such fraudulent post which claimed voters can take part online was uploaded to Facebook and read: “Hello All, Those who hold Indian passport, can now vote online for 2019 elections.

“Please register yourself on There is a link Enroll as NRI voter. Please spread the word in your different groups.”

The message was also circulated on Twitter and WhatsApp, but is categorically false say the India Election Commission.

The statement issued on the Indian Election Commission’s website says: “Beware of fake news in social media informing that ‘Those who hold Indian passport, can now vote online for 2019 elections.’ 

“There is no online voting facility for any category of voter.

“Overseas Indians may submit application for enrolment in form 6A online at or by using Voter helpline mobile app. 

“To Cast the vote on the date of poll, an overseas elector may come to his designated Polling station with his Passport as document for identification.”

Voting in India’s elections begins tomorrow, April 11.

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