Published On: Thu, May 21st, 2020

How to tan faster |

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Tanning quickly and effectively but safely takes some practice. But for all those hoping to boost their vitamin D as the warm weather continues across the country, without risking premature ageing and skin cancer, how can you tan faster?

How to tan faster

When tanning it is important to keep your skin protected from the sun to prevent serious risks such as cancer and other skin damage.

Harming your skin will ultimately mean you will be forced to retreat into the shade and thus lose out on deepening your tan.

So remember to always take care when sunbathing.

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Tan at prime times

To tan faster you should try to optimise the time when you tan.

The un is typically at its strongest between noon and 3pm so that is when you are likely to tan most quickly.

However, bear in mind this is also the time when the sun will do the most damage to your skin and therefore you should make sure to use sun cream with at least SPF 30, making sure to reapply regularly

For those with extremely fair skin, it is best to tan in the morning or after 3pm to avoid burning.

Take breaks from the sun

Taking breaks from the sunshine and sitting in the shade may sound counterintuitive but it is important to lower your risk of skin damage.

It is important to give you’re a break from the intense heat while sunbathing.

Melanin is the pigment responsible for tanning and everyone has a time when their melanin will “cut-off”.

Typically for most people, this is between two and three hours and after this time your skin will not get any darker in a single day.

Tanning past this point will only put your skin at risk of serious skin damage.

For those with very fair skin, it is likely the melanin cut-off time is much less than this so you should avoid tanning for as long as this in order to avoid UV damage.

Maintaining your tan

Once you have tanned, you can deepen your tan faster and maintain it for longer if you take cool showers.

Cold showers help to keep the skin hydrated and avoid skin flaking off faster.

Additionally using an aftersun or tan maintaining product after you have been out in the sun is another means to keep your tan for longer.

By maintaining your tan for longer you will naturally tan faster the next time you are out in the sun.

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