Published On: Fri, Jun 5th, 2020

How to make a face covering with a scarf

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From June 15, face coverings or masks must be worn on buses, trams, trains, coaches, aircraft and ferries. If you are spotted without a face covering on public transport, you could be fined. reveals how to make a face covering with a scarf.

Although research on the effect of wearing a face covering is scant, the Government is expecting everyone in England to follow the new rules.

So how do you make your own face covering that actually works?

According to, a cloth face covering should cover your mouth and nose while allowing you to breathe comfortably.

It can be as simple as a scarf or bandana that ties behind the head, so don’t worry about purchasing a fancy surgical mask.

Remember to wash your hands before and after putting the mask on, and wash the mask after every use for it to be effective.

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How to make a face covering with a scarf

You need

  • Fabric
  • Two hair ties
  • Filter

You can make a face covering from a scarf using either a small scarf or handkerchief.

If you don’t have either of these, you could use a rectangle from an old t-shirt.

For the filter layer, you could use kitchen roll, an extra layer of fabric, or a coffee filter.

There is no sewing involved, so this one is perfect for those who are clumsy with a needle!

Step six

Grab the leftover material on the right side, and pull it over the tie. Then, tuck it into the pocket you made in the middle.

Step seven

Do the same on the left side. Take the excess material, pull it over the tie and then tuck it into the pocket in the middle.

Step eight

Slip in your filter material, and hook the hair ties over your ears. That’s it!

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