Published On: Sat, Apr 27th, 2019

Horoscope: April horoscopes by Russell Grant – weekly astrology forecast

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ARIES (March 21st – April 20th)

A surprise text message to arrange a reunion will make you very excited. Just thinking of all you and a group of friends shared together brings back the feeling of a solid union. If you’re asked to help organise a social event, you will enjoy providing food and drink.

TAURUS (April 21st – May 21st)

Be flexible this week as your plans could change as a local event lacks organisation. You may not have planned to be so busy but this could be a surprisingly eventful and stimulating time. Working on something that is new to you will be fun.

GEMINI (May 22nd – June 21st)

You could be looking for fresh opportunities so a frank discussion with your partner and family will help. A partner’s good fortune will rub off on you. Now you have a little more money, with which to play, you will be able to take a holiday.

CANCER (June 22nd – July 23rd)

Break away from routine and mundane chores this week as you yearn for new experiences and excitement. This is your chance to try a new sport, hobby or some other creative pursuit. A new partnership scheme will benefit your finances.

LEO (July 24th – August 23rd)

You will be delighted when someone close accepts your suggestion. It has been a long time since you spent quality time together and after this week’s shared experiences, you will notice a big improvement in your relationship.

VIRGO (August 24th – September 23rd)

You will be the first to congratulate someone close who is due a promotion. Book a table at a fancy restaurant to celebrate their good fortune. When a spur of the moment decision is called for, you will have no option other than to trust your instincts.

LIBRA (September 24th – October 23rd)

Sharing your skills and knowledge with a team of recruits will be surprisingly rewarding. They will be eager to find out more of your experience and learn from you. Becoming an authority in your field will boost your career and financial prospects.

SCORPIO (October 24th – November 22nd)

You will need to promote your skills and achievements this week as a person who is in a position to help you needs to be made aware of what you are capable of. Some extra money or a step up the career ladder cannot be ruled out now.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd – December 21st)

Sit back and listen to all the facts before giving your opinions. Your observations could lead you to suggesting some positive change. Don’t be surprised if you manage to persuade some people to change their minds about plans they had been objecting to.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd – January 20th)

Everyone you meet this week will enjoy your company. They love you earthy sense of humour. This is the time to ask for a favour from others. All you need to do is ask as they won’t be able to resist your charm. Creative efforts will go well.

AQUARIUS (January 21st – February 19th)

You’re ready for a break so you should start to plan your next holiday now. You have been working so hard and giving a lot of time and effort to others, so you deserve a break. Friends respect and appreciate your cooperative spirit.

PISCES (February 20th – March 20th)

Exciting changes are being discussed this week and it will be wonderful to talk to people who share your hopes and dreams. Someone you regard with awe will make you an unexpected offer. A change in your self-image is something to consider.

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