Published On: Tue, Jun 11th, 2019

Hobbs & Shaw: The Rock reveals HORRIFIC scene they were FORBIDDEN from using | Films | Entertainment

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Dwayne Johnson may look huge and scary but he generally comes across as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. The former wrestler always likes to get physical in his movies, but this time it sounds like he went too far. One particularly gruesome fight scene was so violent, they could not get it past the censors. The film trailers already boast an array of machetes, axes, spears and fists in the absence of guns in one major fight scene. The star just revealed the details of the banned scene in all its blood-splattered gory glory.

Not only is Johnson the king of the current action hero crew, he also rules on social media.

The actor told his 146million followers about one scene they will never see.

Johnson posted a video of a powerful fight sequence when Hobbs goes back to his Samoan roots: “A lil’ behind the scenes taste of the HOBBS & SHAW savagery that takes place in SAMOA. 

“This bludgeoning will be in the film, but unfortunately the scene where I bite the bad guy’s eye out and spit it on the dirt didn’t make it.”

“MPAA ratings board forbid us to show it because it was too violent. True story. 

“Plus, anytime you see a Samoan in a fight wearing their Lava Lava (traditional fabric I’m wearing around my waist) you know the other person is getting f***ed up.”

The movie hits cinemas this August and has attracted some criticism because it includes a rather fantastical element, with Idris Elba’s genetically enhanced and fantastically named superpowered villain, Brixton Lore.

The spin-off is also part of the ongoing feud between some of the other Fast & Furious leading players.

While 2017’s fast & Furious 8 was filming, The Rock posted: “My female co-stars are always amazing and I love ’em. My male co-stars, however, are a different story.

“Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don’t. The ones that don’t are too chicken sh** to do anything about it anyway. Candy asses.”

It was widely believed to be directed at Vin Diesel but then major problems between Tyrese Gibson and Johnson emerged with the former demanding Johnson be dropped from the franchise and calling him a “piece of dog sh*t.”


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