Published On: Thu, Feb 13th, 2020

Greta Thunberg news: Gemma Collins in bombshell claim that she’s UK equivalent | UK | News

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Ms Collins, who often refers to herself in third person as the “GC”, claims she is Britain’s answer to climate activist Ms Thunberg. The reality star wants to follow in the Swedish teen’s footsteps by using her platform as a TV personality to make a difference.

According to the Daily Star, Ms Collins, 39, said: “I think as I’ve got older that my calling on this earth is very different from being a reality star. That gave me the platform but I think Greta Thunberg, move over darling.

“Because something’s going on, the elements, the moon, the wind, the sun, the stars, they’re all trying to talk to me.”

Ms Collins said last week’s full moon was a possible cause of Storm Ciara – the moon having made her breasts swell like melons, she said.

In a new BBC podcast, Ms Collins said she had had a premonition that Ciara was about to strike.

She said this happened while staying in Manchester – an area that was severely effected.

Ms Collins said: “The next morning I’ve got to get back to London as I’ve got work on, I had this real strong feeling that we needed to get the hell out of there.

“Then as we step outside we can see the full moon and I’ve got to say, it was absolutely beautiful.

“And I do think, was the changing of the moon linked with the weather?

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It comes as Ms Thunberg has been a persistent feature of the media, more recently when it was announced that she would be the focal point of a new BBC Studios series.

Licence fee paying viewers were quick to react to the news that shared on Twitter, voicing their outrage at having apparently no input to what the licence fee was spent on – even though BBC Studios is a commercial sect to the BBC, and in fact supplements the licence fee.

One user wrote: “More reason to ditch the TV tax!!”

Another said: “What are her qualifications to be interviewed for anything at all Zero.

“This is yet more BBC propaganda and misinformation being presented as if it was factual.

“Another reason (if one was needed) to axe the TV tax.

”A third wrote: “Wow, who’d have guessed.

“Can we expect the unwavering impartiality that the BBC is renowned for?

“Let me guess: ‘we only have 10 years to save the universe’.”

Many, however, welcomed the move, with several people citing the need of a national unity over climate change.

One person said: “Great news from the BBC.

“To all the haters out there.

“Find out more about Greta, read her book and be inspired.”

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