Published On: Tue, Aug 6th, 2019

El paso shooting: Death toll rises to 22 as officials confirm increase from tragedy | World | News

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Following the horrific attack in a local Walmart supermarket on Sunday, 20 people were killed in the Texas city with several other injured. Immediately after the attack, police did arrest the suspect but unfortunately, on Monday, officials confirmed that a further two victims had passed away. The shooting was one of three mass shooting that occurred in the US over the past week.

Following the event, US President Donald Trump condemned the attack as he admitted that more “has to be done” to prevent mass shootings.

Speaking on Sunday, Trump said: “Hate has no place in our country, and we are going to take care of it.

“This has been going on for years, for years and years in our country and we have to get it stopped.”

Moreover, speaking n the El Paso attack, John Bash, the US Attorney for the Western District of Texas insisted that his department was “treating this as a domestic terror case”.

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Just 13 hours after the attack, at least 27 people were injured in Dayton Ohio in a separate attack.

Connor Betts, 24, shot and killed eight people including his own sister in the horrific attack.

On July 28th, another shooting took place in Gilroy. California.

Three people were killed while a further 13 were wounded from the attack.

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Following the three terrible events, Trump issued a statement to the country.

He said: “We must honour the sacred memory of those we have lost by acting as ONE PEOPLE.

“Open wounds cannot heal if we are divided.

“We must seek real, bipartisan solutions that will truly make America safer and better for all.”

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