Published On: Sat, May 23rd, 2020

Council Tax reduction on PIP: Can I get Council Tax reduction on PIP? | Personal Finance | Finance

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Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a vital benefit for millions of people in the UK who find themselves living with a long-term disability. Those living with a spectrum of life-altering conditions can receive hundreds of pounds from the Government per week on top of some additional boons.

Can you get a council tax reduction on PIP?

PIP provides millions of disabled people with amounts ranging from £23.60 to £151.40 per week.

To claim the amount, they must first undergo an assessment from a health professional to work out the level of help they require.

The benefits are then subject to regular reviews, and will also allow people to claim a council tax reduction.

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These are the council tax band ranges in England:

Band A: Up to £40,000

Band B: More than £40,000 and up to £52,000

Band C: More than £52,000 and up to £68,000

Band D: More than £68,000 and up to £88,000

Band E: More than £88,000 and up to £120,000

Band F: More than £120,000 and up to £160,000

Band G: More than £160,000 and up to £320,000

Band H: More than £320,000

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