Published On: Sat, Apr 4th, 2020

Coronavirus: Donald Tusk warns Hungary over power grab | World | News

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The leader of the European People’s Party (EPP) decried Viktor Orbán’s decision to stay in power indefinitely amid the crisis. In a letter reported by POLITICO, Tusk wrote that any governments using coronavirus as a power grab would be “politically dangerous, and morally unacceptable”.

The letter read: “The state of emergency, or the state of danger, must serve the governments in their fight against the virus, and not strengthen their power over the citizens.

“Making use of the pandemic to build a permanent state of emergency is politically dangerous, and morally unacceptable.

“This is why so many questions and concerns appear regarding the situation in Hungary, where according to many, the emergency measures which have been introduced are disproportionate and inadequate.

“What is more, they have been introduced for an indefinite period of time.”


The response comes after Prime Minister Orbán slammed Tusk for not focusing on his countries problems.

The Hungarian Prime Minister wrote: “I find it worrying that the president of ours political community, Donald Tusk uses the EPP as a a playground for his Polish domestic political games.

“Even in times of peace, the leader of a European political group should avoid focusing on his personal domestic political interests, even more so in times of crisis.”

Accusing Tusk of aligning himself with liberals and the left, Orbán wrote that “those who are unable to help should at least refrain from hindering the efforts of others”.
He continued: “This is not a game.

“The lives of our citizens are at stake in every member state.”


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In the same letter, Tusk continued: “Many of you, even if you criticised Prime Minister Orbán for his previous decisions, did not agree to expel Fidesz from our political family.

“The time will soon come, when you will have to again re-consider your positions.”

The suggested move from Tusk has been met with approval from those within the EPP.

Finnish MEP Petri Sarvamaa in response to Tusk’s letter: “This will hopefully make those hesitant inside the EPP group about dismissing Fidesz to reconsider their positions.”

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