Published On: Fri, Apr 19th, 2019

Cocaine haul and gun found by Italian police inside TOMB in Rome | World | News

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Up to 110,000 doses of the Class A drug were found along with the weapon at the grounds of the Cimitero del Verano. The drugs and the gun, believed to have been stolen, were stuffed into a tomb in a wall where the dead are buried. A 42-year-old male marble worker has been arrested on suspicion of drugs charges.

The drugs have since been seized by officers.

The raid came after a car was spotted driving at speed towards the historic cemetery, located near the Basilica of San Lorenzo.

Police were called to the scene and found the drugs stored in the oldest part of the cemetery.

A video was also released showing shocking footage of police detailing where the cocaine was found.

Pulling back a stone wall inside the back of the tomb, two Italian officers show the camera a yellow lunch bag with the drugs meticulously stored inside along with a set of scales and other paraphernalia.

Inside the bright green carrier bag, they reveal a cardboard box with a hand gun inside.

Crime stats for Rome reveal the city to be Italy’s seventh safest.

Last year, it had 231,889 police complaints, according to official figures from Italy’s crime index.

In 2017, 228,856 complaints were reported, meaning 2018’s figures were up by 1.33 percent.

Theft is the most common crime to have been committed in Rome last year, with 570 reports in total to police.

Computer and software fraud is also common, with 288 offences called through to police.

Up to 69 robberies were reported throughout 2018.

Sexual violence was low throughout last year, with nine offences reported.

Date from the crime index referring to Italy as a whole, states that up to 6,600 crimes are committed and reported every day, which totals around 277 every hour.

This figure is down by 2.3 percent. Milan is Italy’s safest city, followed by Rimini and Bologna, the crime index states.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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