Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2019

Cebu’s delicacies take the spotlight in new Netflix series ‘Street Food’

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Cebu City is among the 9 Asian cities to be featured in the first season of the upcoming documentary series

Published 2:40 PM, April 11, 2019

Updated 2:40 PM, April 11, 2019

CULINARY HERO. Cebu's culinary heroes are featured in the new Netflix documentary, 'Street Food.' Photo courtesy of Netflix

CULINARY HERO. Cebu’s culinary heroes are featured in the new Netflix documentary, ‘Street Food.’ Photo courtesy of Netflix

MANILA, Philippines – A new series on Netflix is set to shine the spotlight on Cebu’s culinary treasures, and the people who make them.

Street Food, the upcoming series soon to air on the streaming platform, will explore street food culture across the world, beginning with 9 cities in Asia for the first season. Among them is the Philippines’ own Cebu City.

The Philippine episode will dive into Cebu City’s history as a trading hub, and how that, combined with the fresh seafood and easy access to produce, has made its street food unique.

It also features local culinary heroes, including Florencio “Entoy” Escabas, whose local eatery has helped reverse the cycle of poverty for his family and community; Leslie Enjambre, heiress to a lechon Cebu (Cebu-style roast pork) legacy that dates back to the 1940s; Ian Secong, who runs a popular restaurant bringing obscure dishes to the mainstream; and Rubilyn Diko Manayon, who sells 18 different dishes – including the most popular one, lumpia (spring rolls) – from her roadside carinderia.

The episode will also zoom in on local delicacies such as the aforementioned lechon Cebu and lumpia, and also nilarang bakasi, a sour stew made with reef eel, and tuslob-buwa, a thick gravy made with sauteed onions, garlic, and pig brains.

Bangkok, Osaka, Delhi, Yogyakarta, Chiayi, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh, and Singapore are the other cities that will be featured in the series.

Street Food comes from the same team that creaed the award winning documentary show, Chef’s Table, which profiled some of the most renowned chefs all over the world.

It is set to premiere on Netflix on April 26. –

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