Published On: Sun, Apr 28th, 2019

California shooting: One dead and four wounded in shocking attack on a US synagogue | World | News

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Four other people were injured following the attack which US President Donald Trump termed as a “hate crime”. The shooting took place in the city of Poway where the local mayor, Steve Vaus confirmed that a 19-year-old man had been taken into custody. The tragic shooting occurred on the final day of passover at the Chabad of Poway congregation at 11.23am local time (06.23pm BST).

Speaking outside the White House following the attack, Trump said: “At this moment it looks like a hate crime, but, my deepest sympathies to all of those affected and we’ll get to the bottom of it.”

A local hospital spokeswoman confirmed that four patients had been received at the Palomar Medical Centre Poway.

Unfortunately one of the victims died there while the remaining three sustained non-life threatening injuries.

According to San Diego Country Sheriff Bill Gore, the suspect was carrying an “assault weapon” when they carried out the horrific attack.

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Mr Vaus said: “I understand from folks on the scene that this shooter was engaged by people in the congregation and those brave people certainly prevented this from being a much worse tragedy.

San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit confirmed that the suspect had fled the scene but had also called 911 to admit his involvement.

Speaking at the scene, congregation member Minoo Anvari, who’s husband witnessed their rabbi get shot said: “This is something bad that is happening all over.

“And we have to believe that this bad thing is real and we don’t have to ignore it.

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“We have to open our eyes. He prayed for peace.

“I respect him – even in spite of being injured he refused to go to hospital and he spoke. And he finished his speech and he then left the synagogue.”

The shooting comes after a similar incident on October 27 at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Tragically 11 people died in what is regarded as one of the most deadly anti-semitic attacks in the country’s history.

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