Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2019

Butcher beheads fellow butcher in Bontoc

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A drinking spree between the two butchers turns gruesome

Published 10:33 PM, April 13, 2019

Updated 10:33 PM, April 13, 2019

Image from Shutterstock

Image from Shutterstock

BAGUIO, Philippines – What happens when butchers go out for a drink ?

Mostly, nothing much. But when things get bad, it really gets gruesome.

In Bontoc, Mountain Province, two butchers, Wilfred Bandao Aquino, 31, and Kevin Ongaron Changat, 25, decided to have a drink Monday evening, April 8. According to Larry Filog Chugwawi, the 25-year-old laborer who joined them, they first drank at the slaughterhouse at Pagturao in Barangay Bontoc IlI.

Chugwawi said he was drinking with them until 11 pm and then he went home.

The next day at 2:30 am, a resident riding a motorcycle saw along the road in Pagturao a cleanly beheaded body with a knife pierced in its chest.

Investigators later arrested Chugwawi and Changat. Chugwawi was released while Changat was detained because his feet and hands were still bloodied.

Later, they found the head of Aquino. Changat was charged with murder. –

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