Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2019

Brexit news: Tusk delivers BRUTAL swipe at Verhofstadt | World | News

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President of the European Council Donald Tusk left in stitches in the European Parliament after he sent a direct message to Guy Verhofstadt. During his speech, the European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator, Mr Verfostaft, said that only Nigel Farage can save the bloc from Brexit “poisoning” the upcoming European elections. At the very end of his speech in the chamber, Mr Tusk claimed this was enough for Mr Verhofstadt to re-think his position.

Mr Tusk said: “Mr Verhofstadt was totally and energetically applauded by Mr Farage.

“This is a good enough reason for you Mr Verhofstadt to deeply rethink and reformulate your argumentation.”

Mr Verhofstadt warned during his speech about the consequences of Brexit being delayed until the end of October.

He said: “I fear most it will import the Brexit mess into the European Union and moreover it will poison the upcoming European elections.

“The Conservatives and labour will do what they have already done and that is run down the clock.

“The proof of this was that the first thing that after last week’s decision was to go on holidays.

“I never thought I would I say this in this parliament but maybe the only thing that can save us is Nigel Farage. As you will hear today he is already campaigning.”

During his speech, Brexit Party leader Mr Farage warned the European Union about the ramifications if the UK are forced to take part in the European elections at the end of May.

He said: “The Brexit Party will sweep the board in these elections and there is only one way it can be stopped and that is if the governing party of Mrs May and the opposition of Mr Corbyn come together and agree to a permanent customs union, and indeed effectively membership of the single market.

“If that happens, the Brexit Party won’t win the European elections but it will win the general election because the betrayal will be so complete and utter, so I don’t believe it’s going to happen.”

He added: “I sense among some in my country, disillusionment, but in others, I sense a burning anger.

“Not one to put on yellow vests and protests, but one that says ‘we need a peaceful political revolution in our country, we need to sweep away the two-party system that has let us down so badly’.

“I think you are all going to be very very surprised by what happens on May 23 it will be a new future for British democracy, and goodness me, it’s needed.”

European Council president Mr Tusk also insisted that if British MEPs are elected in May they must be treated as “full members”, as he hinted that the UK could delay Brexit beyond October.

Addressing the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Mr Tusk said: “One of the consequences of our decision is that the UK will hold European elections next month.

“We should approach this seriously as UK members of the European Parliament will be there for several months – maybe longer.

“They will be full members of the Parliament with all the rights and obligations. I am speaking about this today because I have strongly opposed the idea that during this further extension the UK should be treated as a second category member state. No, it cannot. Therefore I also ask you to reject similar ideas if they were to be voiced in this House.”

Last week the European Union agreed to extend Britain’s departure from the bloc until the end of October after Theresa May asked for a delay.

The decisions means the UK will be forced to take part in European elections if the Prime Minister cannot get her deal through the House of Commons by the end of May.

The Government is still in Brexit talks with the Labour Party after the Prime Minister reached out to Jeremy Corbyn to try to get Brexit over the line.

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