Published On: Sun, Apr 7th, 2019

Brexit News: Theresa May was doomed to fail with Brexit from the start says Claire Fox | UK | News

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Director for the Institute of Ideas Claire Fox argued that Theresa May’s mentality towards Brexit impacted her ability to deliver on it. In an exclusive with, the think tank chief explained that failure was “inevitable” if you failed to recognise the possibilities of Brexit and focussed on what the EU wanted. She added that Theresa May stuck to her belief that Brexit was a “terrible decision” made by the voters and this was reflected in her withdrawal agreement to which Mrs Fox argued was “Brexit in name only”.

Mrs Fox continued: “The biggest mistake Theresa May is it seems that she and the people who ran the Government thought Brexit was a terrible decision taken by the British people.

“They tried to negotiate along those lines.

“I’m saying this is an opportunity to reconfigure British politics and think through economic growth and what it might mean to have that independence to make the best of it.

“To even if you didn’t agree with it say, right this is a chance to kickstart all of the institutions that we now have completely mobilised millions of people to think about these things, let’s go for it.

“She actually saw it as a terrible decision as far as we can see.

“She focussed on how she could develop a deal that would not upset the interests of multinational businesses and keep it in line with as much of the EU as possible.

“She didn’t want to upset the apple cart for the EU.

“If you negotiate in such bad faith, it is inevitable that you end up in this mess.”

Theresa May has failed to pass her Brexit withdrawal agreement through Parliament three times as ERG members and the DUP have refused to believe it is the best Brexit option available to the country.

This continuous failure resulted in Mrs May announcing that she would be talking with Jeremy Corbyn in hopes of coming to an agreement on a soft Brexit that more Labour MPs could support.

Although April 12 is considered to be the Brexit Leave date, Mrs May has announced she will be asking for a further extension to June.

Donald Tusk is also expected to propose a long extension to Article 50 in the April 10 emergency conference in hope of extending the Leave date to March 31, 2020, with an option of an early exit if Theresa May’s deal is ratified.

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