Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2019

Brexit news: Sajid Javid’s plans to save Irish backstop BLOCKED | Politics | News

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The Home Secretary intended to commission Border Force officials to manage Swiss-style trade and tariffs to avoid a hard border in Ireland. However, allies of Mr Javid told The Daily Telegraph officials were “incredibly dismissive of it and were not interested.” The source told the paper: “We tried to talk to HMRC about it for eight months.

“We said there were big hurdles to get past but we didn’t think they were insurmountable.”

The block follows Theresa May’s efforts to secure a Brexit deal with Labour.

Her new compromised deal could involve keeping Britain in a Customs Union with the EU.

Mr Javid’s plans outlined companies would upload data about their cargo to a digital portal.

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Artificial intelligence would then build a profit on goods, routes and drivers, according to the paper.

The plans state: “It all these technologies are brought together, this could allow a seamless collection and analysis of the data needed.

“It would also provide the ability to target interventions away from the border itself.”

Vehicles will be tracked using automatic number plate recognition.

Government officials told The Daily Telegraph the plans were “unworkable”.

They said the project is “big and complex” and will require significant investment in technology.

They added: “No Government worldwide currently controls different customs arrangement with no physical infrastructure at the border.”

Mrs May has said she will not be renegotiating the Irish backstop after extending Article 50.

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