Published On: Sun, Jun 9th, 2019

Brexit news: Sajid Javid to pay Ireland ‘HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS’ to get deal | UK | News

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Home Secretary Sajid Javid claimed changing the backstop included in the withdrawal agreement and offering to pay for the new infrastructure needed at the border would result in an agreement with the . The controversial clause was designed to avoid the creation of a hard border on the island of Ireland but provoked the ires of Brexiteers concerned about the backstop locking the UK into the and the single market. Mr Javid however told Sky News changes to the current agreement could pacify MPs and have Brussels and Dublin agree to strike a deal: “My plan, first of all, is to accept the reality. What I mean by accepting the reality is that you’ve got this Parliament, this Speaker – we know the Parliament is divided so you have to deal with that as you find it.

“I will then turn to the only thing that’s got through this Parliament so far, which is this withdrawal agreement with changes to the backstop – a time limit or some form of proper mechanism.

“I would take my debate to Ireland because the key is .

“What I would do is offer to pay for the new alternative arrangement on the border.”

Mr Javid admitted the proposal would cost Britain “hundreds of millions” but insisted the step would be “economically and morally right.”

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Asked about concerns the return of a hard border between and the Republic could have on peace in the region, the Home Secretary said: “That is something every single one of us takes very seriously.

“I have done my homework on this – what is needed is that even if the backstop happens it cannot persist indefinitely. It will have to be replaced with alternative arrangements.”

Mr Javid is the latest of Tory leadership hopefuls to put forward his plans to put an end to the Brexit debacle and deliver Britain out of the European Union.

Fellow contestants and Dominic Raab have pledged to respect the will of the people and quit the bloc “with or without a deal” by the October 31 deadline. Mr Javid also pledged to meet the deadline but said he would work to secure a deal with the bloc. 

stepped down as Conservative Party leader on Friday but will remain as Prime Minister until a replacement is elected, expected to be before the end of July.

however has insisted the Brexit deal negotiated between Mrs May and the European Union is “the only one possible” and the change of leadership would not sway Brussels to reopening negotiations.

He told a press conference on Friday evening: “A new Prime Minister will not change the problem.

“The problem is there and the new Prime Minister will have the responsibility with us to solve this problem.

“We are ready to engage with him and his team. We are ready to work once again for an orderly Brexit.”

Brussels has said it is open to redrafting the political declaration, which outlines the terms of future trade talks between the UK and EU.

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