Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2019

Brexit News: Major political parties will do ‘very badly in elections’ | UK | News

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European Research Group (ERG) member Priti Patel insisted that all the major political parties would do very badly in upcoming European elections and local elections. She explained that this was because of failure to uphold the Brexit Leave vote as many Britons have lost faith in the political process. While speaking on TalkRadio the MP said: “That is not going to deliver Brexit, the Brexit that Theresa May originally said.

“To leave the entire institute of the EU and the British public will be wondering, well I thought we had left the EU.

“Here we are sort of paying money into it and stuck into their laws.”

The TalkRadio host then reflected on the unlikely possibility that Theresa May will get her deal through Parliament in time.

She added that the EU will grant a long extension meaning the UK will have to engage with the European elections and asked the Brexiteer MP how well she predicts the Conservative party would do.

The ERG member responded: “I think the major political parties will do very badly.

“Including the Conservative party and this is the point I was going to make. In terms of democracy and the standing of democracy, the British Public are not that complimentary.

“People are losing their faith in the political process and in political parties.

“This is because they are seeing that they’re vote counted for nothing because of the way MPs are behaving over Brexit.

“Actually also over how the governing party is behaving as well.

“The consequences are going to be significant and that, of course, makes it very hard for all political parties and politicians to rebuild trust and faith in politics and the political process.

“That will be the consequences of all of this, and this is a difficult time.

“Ultimately it does not mean we should just suck up and agree to anything irrespective of the implications for our great country.

“We should be believing in Britain and the British people and our democracy and actually working incredibly hard to deliver it and not circumvent it.”

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